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Patch Away Pain, Independent Distributor of Aculife and Lifewave Patches: AcuLife patches provide pain relief and improve the overall quality of life for your horse. AcuLife is a medical device for your horse that you can get without a veterinary prescription. It's also an easy to use product and you can decrease your horse's pain and inflammation in a safe and all-natural way. This is how your horse's body is supposed to function, both now and all through its life. This is LifeWave. 
How would you choose to improve the quality of life for your horse? Would you give him less pain? We know that you care about the health of your horse. What if there was a way to relieve his pain without harsh drugs? Now there is.

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Discover how our transformative products can help you and your horse approach your day with enthusiasm, drive, and passion to achieve your big dreams! 

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